Find out how much a printer costs to print!

Looking to buy a new Printer in New Zealand? This site has been designed to help cover one of the most important needs for potential Printer buyers – the cost of printing. We have listed all new Printers we have available, so you can compare their cost per page yields against other similar printers - allowing you to make an informed decision prior to purchase.

Simply choose the type of printer you are interested in and click “Search”.  Note: as the cheapest printers to run are usually the most expensive we have added a Maximum Price option - choose your budget limit to help with your selection. 

By default the site searches New Printers – those we currently have available for sale. You can also choose ALL to show all of the printers in our database. 

Search Result Tips:

  • Search results will sort by the cheapest Black Cost Per Page (CPP). However you can click on any other heading to sort by that column, or click again to reverse the sort. 
  • Click on the “Details” link to find all the cartridges for that printer.
  • If you are after A3 printers, click on the “Page Size” heading.  

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While we make every effort to ensure the results are accurate and complete, we cannot guarantee accuracy and accept no liability or responsibility for any information provided by this site. Please check the manufacturers’ sites for more information about their printers or cartridges.